Outreach, education, and stakeholder engagement are vital parts of my academic practice. Better inclusion of diverse stakeholders in wildlife science and management is crucial to long-lasting success and just outcomes. In particular, I have worked to improve access and create leadership opportunities in wildlife science and management for indigenous groups, and to better incorporate the experience and input of agricultural producers.

Stakeholder workshops are excellent venues for outreach and education, and I have organized, led, and participated in several such workshops.

2020, Sonoma County Livestock Predation: Management and Science Panel. I was one of eight panelists (including researchers, state wildlife agents, and ranchers, and attended by >75 stakeholders) on improving livestock predation policy through science and stakeholder knowledge

2016-2019, Educational Outreach, Northern California. I gave several educational outreach presentations to rural schools, communities, and Bioblitzes in throughout Northern California to engage students in wildlife management issues.

2018, Karuk Tribal Wildlife Biology Workshop. I co-led a workshop training Karuk Tribal members in camera trapping, GPS collaring, and integrating traditional ecological knowledge and management goals with state wildlife agency planning and research.

2017, Living with Wildlife Extension Workshop, UC Hopland Research and Extension Center. I organized and facilitated a workshop of over 100 ranchers, scientists, and state agency members to develop tools and strategies for mitigating human-wildlife conflict, strengthen stakeholder relations, and improve communication. Outcomes included a non-lethal tool “lending library,” improved dialogue between agency staff and ranchers, and new research based on stakeholder and agency needs.

2017, Advanced Camera Trap Methods Workshop. I organized and led a workshop training 35 ranchers and state land managers on using camera traps to monitor and mitigate human-wildlife conflict.

2016, Livestock, Wolves & Other Predators: Discussions & Demonstrations for Reducing Conflict. I participated in a workshop and demonstration of wildlife conflict reduction tools focused on wolves in California. Outcomes included improved stakeholder access to tools and increased trust between agency members and ranchers.